Game Developer miHoYo Previews New Product Zenless Zone Zero

Chinese game developer miHoYo’s new product “Zenless Zone Zero” launched its first preview on Friday, and a website where users can apply to become tuning testers was also opened to the public.

“Zenless Zone Zero” is a 3D role-playing action game. The main plot and subplot are set up in the game and there is no social system in the game. Players can promote the game plot through videotape, key entrustment and free entrustment.

The game tells the story of a world that has been invaded by a mysterious disaster called “the emptiness”. Gamers assume the role of a special professional who can save the people from the “emptiness”. They can work with other agents from all walks of life to resist the “emptiness” and maintain the peace of the city.

In addition, this game has a user real-name authentication system and a recharge limit set for minors. Furthermore, minors are only able to access the game from 20:00 to 21:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

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According to local media outlet Traveller Star, sources revealed that miHoYo recruited hundreds of staff for the development of “Zenless Zone Zero” and will bring in even more in the future. Moreover, miHoYo’s Shanghai headquarters has taken charge of “Zenless Zone Zero”, another flagship product after the Collapse series and Genshin Impact.