Game Space and Bybit to Launch Limited Edition Merge Bird NFTs

GameFi-as-a-Service platform Game Space and crypto trading platform Bybit will launch 3,200 limited edition NFT Mystery Boxes, which will be sold exclusively on the Bybit NFT Marketplace from June 30.

Game Space is the first GameFi-as-a-Service platform looking into helping AAA games release games on-chain with their SDK and NFT transaction engine. This shortens the time projects need to launch by as long as six months, greatly reducing the barriers to gaming companies in entering the Web3 space. Merge Bird is the first NFT collection Game Space will be launching.

Merge Bird NFTs are categorized into three rarity tiers: Bird5 (level 5), Bird10 (level 10) and Bird20 (level 20). Only Bird1 (level 1) can be won in the game, while other level birds can only be merged from other levels.

Each Mystery Box will be on sale for 29.90 USDT. Holders of these NFTs will gain exclusive access to Merge Bird’s on-chain game. Merge Bird was inspired by Flappy Bird, paying tribute to its 10th anniversary.

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Rewards can be claimed by users once a game ends, and their scores are added to the leaderboards. Users can also choose to burn a “life” to continue the game. The total number of lives a user gets depends on the rarity of the bird received from opening a Mystery Box.