GaN Power Device Developer GaNext Completes Series-A+ Financing

GaNext, a gallium nitride (GaN) power device developer, announced on Thursday that it has completed a round A+ of financing totaling nearly 100 million yuan ($14.86 million). The investors included Shunwei Capital, GL Ventures, and Infotech Ventures, while Shenqi Investment served as the exclusive financial consultant.

GaNext is a comprehensive solutions provider focusing on R&D, production, marketing and system application of high-end third-generation GaN power devices. It has raised more than 200 million yuan in the one and a half years since its establishment. The most recent round of financing will be mainly used for new product R&D and application solution development of GaN power chips, in addition to supply chain construction.

GaN power devices have broad application prospects in communication, data centers, new energy vehicles and power systems. China is home to 80%-90% of the world’s power semiconductor applications and manufacturing.

GaNext has achieved mass production sales of several 650V GaN products. Currently, the company is expanding its product line, localizing packaging and accessory chips, and has started the development of a new generation technology platform. GaNext is not only developing products for mobile phone and laptop fast-charging applications, but also directly breaking through medium and high power application scenarios.

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Wu Yifeng, the core founder of GaNext, has 26 years of technical experience accumulated in the field of GaN, and has served as device scientist of Cree and the senior vice president of Transphorm. Under his guidance, last year, GaNext developed and mass-produced GaN switching devices for 30W-120W power adapters, mainly used for the fast charging of mobile phones and laptops, securing millions of orders. This year, the company continues to launch high performance GaN power devices and power supply solutions for low power applications such as 140W, 200W and 330W.