Geely Auto Group’s World-First 3-Gear Hybrid DHT Pro Enters Mass Production

Geely Auto Group announced on December 7 that its world-first 3-gear hybrid electric drive DHT Pro has entered mass production and rolled off the line at the Raytheon DHT Pro Micron Factory at the end of November 2021. Its first model equipped with this transmission, the Xingyue-L Raytheon Hi-X oil-electric hybrid version will be put on sale later this month.

According to Geely, this is the first model that is equipped with Raytheon Zhiqing Hi-X 3-gear hybrid electric drive DHT Pro and DHE15, a hybrid engine with the highest thermal efficiency in the world, so as to realize pure electric driving without charging, long battery life and extended range. It is also the only model that is able to realize launch control.

The Xingyue-L Raytheon Hi-X oil-electric hybrid version has a zero-hundred acceleration time of 7.9 seconds, a maximum cruising range of 1300 kilometers, and average fuel consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

According to the firm’s official introduction, the new model is equipped with a DHE15 hybrid special engine, with a thermal efficiency of 43.32% and a coverage rate of a high-efficiency area close to 50%. It has a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum torque of 225 N/m.

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When the speed is below 20km/h, the vehicle will ensure the driver a completely pure electric driving experience and also prevent the engine from working in inefficient areas, thus effectively reducing fuel consumption. When the speed of the vehicle is between 20km/h and 70km/h, the third-gear electric drive transmission DHT Pro can realize both electric and oil driving, and intelligent energy distribution. When the vehicle is at a speed of more than 80km/h, thanks to DHT Pro’s unique three-gear speed change and torque increase capability, the maximum output torque of 4920 N/m can be generated during rapid acceleration.