Geely-Backed Ruilan Auto Releases Three New Models

During the Chongqing Auto Show on Saturday, Ruilan Auto, a joint venture established by Geely and Lifan Technology, released three new battery-swap EV models: the RL 7, RL 9 and 80V PRO.

These three models are developed based on the GBRC crystal frame, in which vehicles adopt a standard swapping battery – a capsule battery – characterized by high energy density, long life cycles and full-time safety.

The RL 7 is equipped with a variety of power combinations such as front drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive. The speed of the four-wheel drive version can exceed 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The new model is also equipped with multiple lidar sensors, which can help to realize L3 automated driving. It is also the first SUV to apply AVBS’s automated battery swap function.

The 80V PRO continues its previous 80V style, only including comprehensive innovation in terms of interior decoration. Marketed as a six-seater MPV, the new model is priced from 164,800 yuan to 179,800 yuan ($24,646-$26,889) in pre-sale. The new 80V PRO is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 100kW, a peak torque of 230 N·m and a maximum cruising range of 480 km.

The 80V PRO (Source: Ruilan Auto)

The RL 9, with the advantages of flexible storage space and multi-directional adjustable seats, realizes full-scenario coverage of family vehicles. However, information regarding its interior and power system has not been made public.

In addition, Ruilan Auto signed cooperation agreements with Hikvision and Puhui Auto, reaching strategic cooperation on intelligent driving and enterprise travel businesses respectively.

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On June 21, Ruilan Auto announced a new brand logo and its official entry into the battery swap track. The company expressed its future business layout in the new energy market from different aspects such as brand strategy, battery swap technical framework and battery swap ecology. It also stated that at least six battery swap models will be launched throughout the next three years, and that more than 200 battery swap stations will be put into operation by the end of this year.