Geely Galaxy E8: All-Electric Mid-Size Sedan Spotted, Launching Soon

On August 9th, Geely showcased a concept car called “Galaxy Light” at the 2023 Auto Shanghai. It is also the first pure electric sedan from Geely Galaxy. The production version will be named “Galaxy E8” and positioned as a mid-to-large-sized pure electric flagship sedan. Delivery is planned to commence within this year.

From the picture, the new car adopts the popular design style of a fastback sedan, including a fastback-style body. The front face features a ripple aesthetic design style, and the front headlight group presents an upward momentum.

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In terms of details, the new car can be said to have faithfully reproduced the design of the previous concept car. The front face is sometimes 90% similar, with prominent flattened headlights on both sides of the protruding car nose. They are slightly thicker than those on the concept car but still feature a unique curved shape.

Furthermore, the Geely Galaxy E8 will feature a concealed laser radar on its roof, with a low drag coefficient of 0.19Cd. This model also integrates high-definition cameras on both sides of the vehicle body.

From the picture, it can be seen that the Galaxy E8 does not adopt the popular through-type taillights of current new energy vehicles, but its recognition is still high.

In addition, this model adopts a very stylish design, such as frameless doors, hidden door handles, clean waistlines, and large-sized sporty wheels.