Geely Launches New Car Brand RADAR

Chinese automaker Geely officially released a new car brand named RADAR on the evening of July 12, while the first pickup truck based on SEA architecture, the RD6, made its debut. This car model will be fully launched this year, and a free reservation channel has now been opened.

The RADAR RD6 released this time is a pure electric pickup truck based on SEA architecture, which is a modular electric vehicle platform developed by Geely Holding. SEA architecture features the largest bandwidth in the world and offers the most efficient intelligent electric vehicle solution in the world, according to Geely.

The RD6 has large storage space and supports high-power full-scenario discharge. It has advantages in terms of charging, comfortable driving and design, and can meet the needs of outdoor exploration and urban life. Its acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h clocks in at 6 seconds, and its pure electric cruising range exceeds to 600 km. More configurations will be announced in the future.


RADAR will launch more products focused on outdoor lifestyle in the future, including medium-sized pure electric pickup trucks, medium-sized and large-sized new energy pickup trucks, full-sized pure electric pickup trucks, off-road SUVs and ATVs. They will cover a variety of power modes such as pure electric and super hybrid.

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The firm also launched RADAR Weekend, a sub-brand focused on outdoor lifestyle. The pickup truck brand announced that it will jointly develop a variety of outdoor camping equipment in partnership with prominent outdoor goods brand Naturehike, and a joint series of products will be unveiled in the second half of this year. The brand also launched the “Protecting Natural Wonders” program jointly with China National Geographic.