Geely Recalled More Than 120,000 Vehicles in China in July

More than 386,100 vehicles in China were recalled in July, among which there were many popular car models, according to domestic media outlet The Paper. According to available statistics, 10 brands and 14 car companies issued 16 recall notices through China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, involving a total of 42 car models. The total number is significantly higher than the total number of about 230,000 vehicles in May and June.

Emgrand GS (Source:

In terms of specific brands and models, Geely recalled the largest number of cars, with a total of over 120,000 vehicles, involving the Emgrand GS, Emgrand GL and 2019 Boyue. Among them, the recall number of 2019 Boyue cars produced from December 22, 2019 to June 29, 2021 was as high as 94,087. The reason for the recall was due to their lack of a prompt function reading “the engine compartment cover is not closed.” Geely said that it will install the signal switch and wiring harness of the engine compartment cover for the vehicles involved free of charge, and realize the prompt function on the vehicles’ dashbord to eliminate potential safety hazards.

2022 Boyue (Source: Geely)

In July, 112,421 new energy vehicles were recalled, accounting for nearly 30% of the total number. From the increasing number of recalls of new energy vehicles, we can tell that they are still in the relatively early stage of technological development, while on the other hand, their popularity is steadily improving.

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Ford, BYD, BMW, Kia and Maserati have all announced the recall of some of their new energy vehicle models, among which BYD, BMW and Kia have all recalled plug-in hybrid models, while Ford recalled pure electric vehicles. Maserati recalled 48V light hybrid models.

The reasons for the recalls vary. Ford recalled its Mustang Mach-E models due to powertrain control module software and battery control module software. The problem of BYD Tang DM lies in the risk of water inflow in the power battery pack tray. The brush bracket at the rear of the starter has design defects in the BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid models. The unreasonable ECU data design that may cause substandard emissions caused Kia to recall K3 plug-in models. The hidden trouble of the Maserati Geberit and Levante lies in the fixing bolts of 48V batteries.