Geely Releases Leishen Hi-X Hybrid Powertrain Technology

Geely Automobile officially released its Leishen Hi-X hybrid powertrain on Friday. The system features a fuel engine and a 3-speed DHT Pro motor. Fuel consumption per 100 km is as low as 3.6 L while thermal efficiency is around 43.32%. Total range per tank is about 1300km.

The Leishen Hi-X hybrid powertrain system is assembled in the Geely Leishen Powertrain Power Smart Micron Factory. The factory is equipped with the world’s leading split-type vacuum heat processor and is able to greatly enhance the initial hardness and precision of DHT parts. It is as hard as 60HRC, and can withstand up to 960 ℃ in the vacuum quenching temperature. Also, the powertrain features 11 special low-pressure carburizing chambers. After heat treatment, gear deformation of metal parts registers less than 8 microns.

The engine adopts a micron-sized rolling honing process, and has a maximum engraving precision of 2 microns. As such, the product life can reach over 350,000 kilometers, and the gear noise is 5-10dB lower than that of its competitors.

Geely has named this hybrid powertrain engine as the “DHT Pro”. With its three gears it weighs 120kg and is able to produce torque up to 4920 N-m. The DHT Pro was independently developed by Geely and is a hybrid system that features an adaptive learning system and 20 intelligent modes.

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At present, the Geely Leishen Hi-X hybrid powertrain has not been put into mass production or for commercial use. The powertrain has only been put into use in the Leishen Hi-X oil-electric hybrid version of the Xingyue L model. The model will be available in limited supply with only 2,022 for sale and will go being pre-sale at 10:00 am on December 25th.