Geely Unveils New A-Class Leishen Hybrid SUV

Chinese automaker Geely announced on July 5 a new A-class SUV, code-named FX11, with CMA architecture and Leishen hybrid technology.

FX11 is the first model of Geely’s “Vision Starburst” concept announced last year, featuring a new design. The Geely badge is illuminated, with running lights and a “Hi-F Hybrid” nameplate on the front.

In March this year, Geely officially launched the Leishen Hi-X “Super Hybrid.” According to the firm, compared to traditional PHEVs and EVs, the Leishen “Super Hybrid” offers customers the advantage of electric vehicle license plates and subsidies, as well as a long electric range and more intelligent energy management.

The models powered by Geely’s Super Hybrid all feature a pure electric range of more than 100 km, including one with a pure electric range of more than 200 km, which is equipped with 60kW fast charging technology and can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes.

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The models powered by Leishen Super Hybrid all adopt Geely’s unique “three gear electric drive DHT Pro.” For example, the Emgrand L Hi-X Super Hybrid sedan consumes as little as 3.8L of fuel at a loss of electricity, and has a combined ultimate range of 1300 km+. It accelerates to 100 km/h within 6.9 seconds, and the maximum wheel-end output torque of the system reaches 4920 Nm.

Geely now has four CMA-architecture models on sale: the Xingrui, Xingyue S, Xingyue L and Xingyue L Leishen Hi-X Hybrid. All of them are in the high-end “China Star” series. Each China Star model combines Geely’s top technologies and is a star product of strategic importance in its respective market segment. As of the end of May 2022, 360,000 customers had used China Star products.