Geely’s Aerofugia Debuts Self-Developed TF-2 Flying Car

During the Advanced Air Mobility International Conference (AAMIC) on August 25, Aerofugia, a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group, announced a full-scale technology demonstrator and the development progress of its TF-2 flying car. TF-2 is a pure electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) five-seat flying car independently developed by Aerofugia. It satisfies the demand for zero emission, low noise and high frequency commercial operation in intra-city and inter-urban areas.

Dr. Guo Liang, President and Chief Scientist of Aerofugia, attended AAMIC, and shared the air travel operation plan and products of Aerofugia, introducing the overall low-altitude travel solution with TF-2 pure electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft as the core.

(Source: Aerofugia)

At present, a full-size TF-2 prototype has been assembled and rolled off the assembly line, and it is expected to make its first flight by the end of 2022. Aerofugia claims to have made a breakthrough in the key technology of the tilting dynamic process and accomplished the verification process of the tilting dynamic of the TF-2 scaled-down prototype. The company will focus on the two markets of low-altitude travel and low-altitude logistics. In particular, low-altitude travel aims at large-scale commercial operations, while low-altitude logistics is based on the “sub-regional” (within 500 km) field.

While Aerofugia maintains the independence of its core technology in its low altitude mobility business, it will establish a joint venture with Volocopter, the global leader in airworthiness certification for UAM in September 2021. They will jointly promote bilateral airworthiness certification of their products and actively work together with partners in infrastructure construction, operations and air traffic management.

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Now, more and more car companies are working on the flying car industry. In July this year, XPENG AEROHT unveiled its self-developed and manufactured fifth-generation electric flying car Traveler X2. The official information shows that the Traveler X2 of XPENG AEROHT can carry two passengers, with a range of up to 35 minutes, a flight height of less than 1,000 meters and a maximum flight speed of 130 km/h. It can meet the demand for short-distance travel within the city, and at the same time can provide travel and tourism, wilderness rescue, medical transportation and other scenarios. It can also provide travel for tourism, wilderness rescue, medical transportation and other scenarios.