Geely’s Pickup Truck Brand RADAR to Release First Model on July 12

Geely’s newly established pickup truck brand RADAR announced that it will hold a launch event on the evening of July 12 to release its first model.

The firm has also released several preview pictures of the new car. It adopts a four-door design, and its appearance is similar to that of most pickup trucks at present. After the taillights of the car are lit, it presents an “X” shape, which is very recognizable.

The rear container area of the new car is not large, but the shorter tail box also shortens the length of the car, making it more convenient for daily parking and driving on urban roads. RADAR has added a power socket on the side of the tailbox, which can meet the needs for multiple types of electrical equipment when going out.

(Source: RADAR)

Geely registered the RADAR brand in April this year. At present, Geely has established at least two independent companies related to the pickup truck business, including Geely Pickup Truck Auto Parts (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and Geely Pickup Truck Auto Sales (Shandong) Co., Ltd. The shareholders of both companies are Hangzhou Geely Automobile Research and Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely.

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Amid an increasing penetration rate of new energy vehicles and demand for outdoor recreational vehicles, Geely’s RADAR brand will focus on outdoor diversified scenarios.