Google Opens AI Exhibition in Shanghai, Inviting the Public to Play with AI

Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, and several other international tech giants announced to establish AI-related innovation centers and research institutes in Shanghai at the on-going World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 (WAIC 2018) showcases AI wares from tech giants around the world. Besides keynote speeches from big shots within technology, government and academia and heated discussion among experts and scholars, Google, as one of the leading companies in the AI race, holds an interactive AI exhibition at Long Museum in Shanghai.

X Degrees of Separation

According to GoogleChinablog, an official WeChat account that covers topics regarding Google’s products, technology, and culture, the exhibition spans 2,000 square meters and presents 17 interactive activities that demonstrate the application of AI in the fields of arts, technology, fashion, and travel.

Art Palette

For art lovers, X Degree of Separation shows the visual connection between any two pictures the participant chooses; Art Camera allows the audience to appreciate every detail of an art piece with a one-billion-pixel camera; Art Palette, as part of Google Arts & Culture program, uses a visual algorithm to unveil the color composition of any picture and finds artworks in close color schemes.

Tilt Brush

There are loads of high-tech interactive programs such as Tilt Brush, which offers a 3 dimensional space for painting; Giorgio Cam, a program that creates a freestyle rap from information captured on camera; AI Duet, a responsive program that analyzes music played on piano; and Emoji Scavenger Hunt, a fun and intelligent application that discovers emojis in real life scenarios.

In addition, visitors can play with Guess my Sketch (also available online), ShadowPlay Puppetry (a program that honors Chinese traditional shadow puppets), Google VR, Google AR and more.

Guess My Sketch

On estimate, it takes a little more than one hour for visitors to try out all the activities. If time is limited, the program Guess my Sketch, which also has a Wechat mini-program version, is the most popular out of them all and definitely worth experiencing. WAIC 2018 attendees are free to visit the AI exhibition until the state-backed forum closes on Sept. 19. The exhibition will then be open to the public from Sept. 20 to Oct. 7.

Google Translate

The exhibition effectively showcases Google’s products and technologies, as well as the company’s ideas and principles. Jay Yagnik, Vice President at Google AI, said in an interview that Google is passionate about technology and wants to share their passion with the public.

the map of the exhibition