Gotion High-Tech to Mass Produce 360Wh/kg Semisolid-State Battery in 2022

On Friday, Chinese battery manufacturer Gotion Hi-Tech hosted the 11th Sci-Tech Conference in Hefei, Anhui Province. The company announced that it begins to mass produce a 360Wh/kg semisolid-state battery it developed earlier this year. The company says it is also working on prototype samples of a 400Wh/kg ternary semisolid-state battery in the lab.

In addition, the first generation of ternary and lithium-iron standard battery jointly developed by Gotion Hi-Tech and Volkswagen have both entered into mass production. Gotion Hi-Tech is now working with Volkswagen’s German team to develop standard batteries for Europe. The company said the energy density of the mass-produced ternary battery cells is 635Wh/L, and that of lithium-iron batteries is 435Wh/L.

Gotion Hi-Tech will release two new products at this conference lasting two days. One is a next generation battery product with an ultra-high energy ratio, and the other is its first product for the consumer market.

Gotion Hi-Tech was established in 2006. It recently released its 2021 financial report and that of Q1, 2022. According to the financial report, in 2021, its revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan ($1.49 billion) for the first time, reaching 10.356 billion yuan. In Q1, 2022, its revenue reached 3.916 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 203.14%.

In 2021, Gotion began the mass production of a 210Wh/kg ferrous lithium phosphate battery cell as well as that of a 302Wh/kg ternary battery cell. The company succeeded in designing and finalizing a 230Wh/kg ferrous lithium phosphate battery cell. The company was also successful in passing the new national standard safety test for the 360Wh/kg high energy density semisolid-state batteries.

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According to Gaogong Industry Institue. Co. Ltd. (GGII), the total number of batteries installed in China’s new energy vehicles reached 3.52 million units, and the top five enterprises were CATL, BYD, Gotion Hi-Tech, CALB and LG Energy. Specifically, Gotion Hi-Tech loaded nearly 400,000 units, accounting for 11.2% of total.