Greatar Secures Round A+ of Financing, Xiaomi Industrial Investment Management Invests Exclusively

On Friday, Greatar, a Chinese supplier of AR diffraction optical waveguide and diffraction grating equipment, announced it had completed its round A+ of financing, which was exclusively invested by Xiaomi. This round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion of the company’s production line and team.

The firm had previously obtained strategic investment from OPPO. A few days ago, OPPO released its OPPO Air Glass, a mass-produced pair of AR intelligent glasses for individual customers. The diffractive optical waveguide lenses of this type of glasses were exclusively provided by the firm.

The company has won Xiaomi‘s strategic investment again, indicating that its products and technologies have been recognized by the two major smartphone makers in the country.

The company is an innovative enterprise that has adopted the IDM method in the field of diffraction optics and is mainly engaged in the R&D of AR diffraction optical waveguide and diffraction grating technology in addition to its production and sales.

Its technical system covers links such as grating design, stamper processing and nano-imprint production, which provide customers with customized diffraction optical waveguide design proofing and the mass production of it. At present, the company’s production capacity and product yield of its own production line are also steadily improving.

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The company was incubated by the Grating and Measurement LAB of the Department of Precision Instruments at Tsinghua University and has conducted industrial transformations relying on its scientific research achievements for more than 20 years. The technical difficulties, solutions and feasibility of upstream and downstream diffraction optical waveguide technologies are solved by the integration of production, education and research. The company is confident that the diffraction optical waveguide is the preferred technical route for the future of AR equipment made for individual customers.