Green Energy Tech Firm GCL Partners With CATL

On August 24, Golden Concord Limited (GCL), a green energy tech company, announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese battery giant CATL. Under the arrangement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of scientific and technological innovation and product R&D, heavy-duty truck replacement and battery recycling.

As for the versatility of battery swapping stations for heavy-duty trucks, the two sides will carry out technical cooperation and exchanges for the harmonization and exchange among the stations. In terms of power battery gradient utilization, both parties will optimize the whole life cycle battery cost according to the application scenario of “heavy truck + energy storage,” and realize the gradient utilization of power batteries in the field of energy storage.

In addition, they will actively explore innovative cooperation in the field of power battery recycling, work together with upstream and downstream actors along the industrial chain, build a mobile energy ecosystem, and contribute to the goals of carbon peaking and neutrality.

Since its establishment 32 years ago, GCL has developed with the integration of scenery, hydrogen storage, source networks, load and storage, new energy, silicon materials, lithium materials, carbon materials and other related industries in a synergistic manner, leading innovative development with green, zero-carbon technology.

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GCL is headquartered in Hong Kong, with branches in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places. Its assets total nearly 200 billion yuan ($29.2 billion), and its annual operating income has exceeded 100 billion yuan for many consecutive years. It owns many A-share and H-share listed companies such as GCL Technology, GCL System Integration Technology, GCL New Energy Holdings, and GCL Energy Technology. It has more than 40,000 employees, and over 3,000 energy high-tech professionals.