Guangli Technology Launches Holoswim 2 AR Goggles on Kickstarter

Holoswim 2, the second generation of AR holographic smart swimming goggles developed by Guangli Technology, was launched on overseas crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on August 2.

Holoswim is an augmented reality (AR) intelligent pair of swimming goggles, which can detect various movement metrics in real time while the user is swimming, showing them underwater in a near-eye holographic display. Taking advantage of the unique advantages of AR near-eye display modules, Holoswim can feed back motion data in the most direct way, and swimmers can know their swimming time, distance, pace and other data in real time, allowing users to adjust their swimming status.

Holoswim 2 (Source: Guangli Technology)

Holoswim series products adopt industry-leading AR optical modules with high transmittance of 80%, applying holographic volume grating technology based on resin material, so the swimming goggles have clearer vision and better light transmittance. Compared with heavy and fragile glass-based optical waveguides, they are lighter and less prone to damage, which can better ensure sports safety.

The Holoswim 2 AR smart swimming goggles weigh as little as 70g and adopt an ergonomic design, so the 3D silicone goggle rim fit the face better. The single thick strap is replaced with double straps, making them highly elastic, comfortable and not easy to slip off. The goggles are equipped with four kinds of interchangeable nose bridges to better match the wearing needs of different groups of people.

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The goggles also adopt a variety of functional coatings in the lens, which can effectively prevent fogging, and bring users a clearer underwater vision. The resolution is upgraded to 128*64, which displays more rich content in HD, and the near-eye display experience is better.

The accompanying Holoswim app can record various swimming data, such as 100-meter pace, stroke speed, calorie consumption, swimming distance and more.

Guangli Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on consumer-level AR products. The company launched Holoswim in August last year, officially opening a new category of AR smart goggles.