Gushenxing-1 Will Carry out China’s First Private Rocket Sea Launch Mission

On August 31st, Galactic Energy will soon carry out the launch mission of “The Gushenxing-1 Sea Launch Type” commercial carrier rocket, codenamed “The Little Mermaid”. At the same time, the emblem of the carrier rocket has also been officially unveiled.

This is the first time that a domestic private rocket company has carried out a sea launch mission in China.

Galactic Energy is a domestic commercial aerospace technology company. It is a national-level specialized and innovative small giant enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and a Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise.

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It has achieved several industry firsts in China, such as the first successful continuous launches, the first to send commercial constellation satellites into 500km sun-synchronous orbit, and the first to possess multi-satellite launch capability with one rocket.