Hamedata Technology Completes B-Round Financing

Hamedata Technology Co., Limited, a provider of household and outdoor energy storage technology, completed a round B of financing, with Qianhai FOF and ZY Capital serving as lead investors. On Thursday, 36Kr reported that the funds are to be used to improve the technical service capability of its products, and to expand its market layout in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Founded in 2009, Hamedata is a professional ODM/OEM product and technology provider for household energy storage, outdoor energy storage and mobile energy storage products. Its core product is outdoor energy storage power supply, with a battery capacity ranging between 512Wh and 4096Wh, and an output power between 600W and 5000W. The battery cells are all produced by the company itself.

Prior to this, Hamedata secured round-A financing from ZY Capital, Shenzhen Zhijie Capital Management Co., Ltd., and Gaoyun Capital.

Hamedata mainly adopts a business model based on OEM/ODM, yet also has developed a complete supply chain manufacturing and R&D system covering ternary and lithium iron phosphate batteries, BMS and inverters. It has constructed production bases of portable energy storage products in Hunan Province and the city of Shenzhen.

In April 2022, Hamedata launched household energy storage products with 8kWh-16kWh-24kWh optical storage, and its portable outdoor folding photovoltaic panels of 120W, 200W and 300W featuring monocrystalline silicon panels are available through mass production.

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Yang Changjun, founder and CEO of Hamedata, said the company would strengthen its existing OEM of outdoor energy storage products and would create Hamedata’s own brand in the optical storage energy market.

Storage products using clean energy technologies such as lithium batteries have rapidly gained in popularity both within the home and in outdoor energy storage scenarios, especially in comparison to fuel-fired generators that are noisy, complex to operate and polluting to the environment.

According to Research Report on the Development of Portable Energy Storage Industry in China (2021) released by China Industrial Association of Power Sources, in 2016, only 52,000 portable energy storage devices were shipped worldwide, yet it expects the shipments to reach 4.838 million units in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 148%.