HarmonyOS Drives Huawei’s Whole-House Smart Solutions in Another Upgrade

On October 23, leading Chinese technology firm Huawei released upgraded whole-house smart solutions at the ‘HDC 2021’ event. Shao Yang, who is the chief strategy officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, described the new modifications as the ‘1+2+N’ whole-house smart solution. Following the three paths facing developers, enterprises and consumers, Huawei will soon modify future in-house scenarios with industry partners.

Among them, ‘1’ refers to a smart host that can work with wired (PLC) wireless (WiFi integration), and narrow bandwidth integration technology. ‘2’ indicates a set of interactive hardware (the upcoming series of central control screens) and an interactive software (Smart Life App), so that consumers can efficiently manage their home devices anytime and anywhere.

‘N’ symbolizes subsystems, which can be subdivided into six space subsystems and four whole-house systems, among which the space subsystem includes lighting, shading, audio and video, warm and cold fresh air, furniture and household appliances systems, while the whole-house system includes network, security, water and energy.

In the past five years, Huawei has cooperated with more than 1800 industry partners to build a prosperous hardware ecosystem. In the intelligent central control screen and Smart Life App, consumers can create and select different modes, such as sleep, movie watching, reception and others.

For developers, ‘HUAWEI HiLink’ has been upgraded to HarmonyOS Connect in an all-round way to help more developers integrate single products into the whole-house smart solutions, which can shorten the development cycle to two weeks, greatly improving the development efficiency.

For enterprise partners, Huawei’s whole-house smart solutions fully empowers partners with six capabilities, such as software services, hardware equipment, design aesthetics, scene research, experience space and solution verification. In addition, Netease Cloud Music officially announced on October 23 that it has reached a cooperation agreement with Huawei. Users can realize seamless connection of Netease Cloud Music’s functions in Huawei devices installed with HarmonyOS, which will be officially launched in November.

On the consumer side, they can make an appointment to experience seven spaces and 48 scenes in offline stores. They can also visually feel flooding, fire, alarm and other examples through VR or AR. Combined with big data and AI home improvement rules, the newly launched whole-house design tool can intelligently identify each unique apartment type to generate VR panoramas, short videos and quotations.

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Moving further along this line, 15 authorized experience stores of the company will be instating smart house solutions before October 30. In addition, over 50 cities will also join this belt to upgrade more than 50 stores before the end of this year.