Helixon Completes Nearly 500M Yuan in Series A Financing

Helixon announced on Wednesday that it has recently completed a Series A financing round in which it garnered nearly 500 million yuan ($74.8 million). This round of financing was led by 5Y Capital, followed by Gaorong Capital, Neumann Capital and three of its previous angel investors including Xiang He Capital, GL Ventures and Qingzhi Capital.

Helixon will continue to be deeply engaged in the field of “AI + new drug development,” expand its team and business development, improve AI high-performance computing capabilities, expand its high-throughput experimental platform, and promote both pipeline independent R&D and external collaboration.

Helixon is dedicated to building a next-generation AI scientific computing platform and combining self-developed high-throughput bio-experimental technologies to provide drug developers with intelligent systems for micro-world molecular computation, simulation and design.

Helixon is developing innovative and efficient machine learning algorithms and data acquisition technologies in the field of new drug development, particularly regarding large molecule drug discovery. It is restructuring the drug development process to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of new drug discovery.

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Helixon, founded in June 2021, has developed multiple revolutionary and innovative algorithms for protein drug design and modeling. It has integrated with high-throughput experimental platforms and has accomplished a highly efficient iterative AI design and experimentation/validation closure loop. With the gradual improvement of platform technology, Helixon has proceeded with several large molecule and immunotherapy R&D pipelines. The company expects to progress rapidly to the clinical stage.

Helixon has attracted many leading experts and young scientists in the fields of AI research, structural biology, and disease research from both China and abroad since last year.