Hello Inc. Completes 300 Million Carpooling Orders in Three Years

Chinese bike-sharing company Hello Inc. announced on Wednesday that since it piloted carpooling services in six cities including Hangzhou and Chengdu in January 2019, it has completed 300 million individual carpooling orders, while its certified car owners reached 18 million.

Hello Inc. announced that it would commence trial operations in six cities – Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hefei and Dongguan – at the end of January 2019. In the past three years, the total mileage of the company’s carpooling services has reached 20.2 billion kilometers, and the carbon emissions reduction has reached about 4 million tons.

According to the firm’s data, it has completed tens of millions of face verification checks on car owners, permanently banned over 50,000 car owners with background abnormalities and rejected over 730,000 users with suspect identities in 2021.

According to its official website, founded in Shanghai in September 2016, Hello Inc. started out offering bike-sharing services, and gradually evolved into a diversified travel and life services platform, providing shared two-wheelers, shared vehicles, hotel and flight packages and pick-up-in-store services.

The company’s shared two-wheeler services have been operated in over 400 cities (including county-level cities) across the country by the end of 2020. Users have ridden 24 billion kilometers and reduced carbon emissions by 667,000 tons. Hello Inc.’s carpooling services have covered more than 300 cities in China, with more than 10 million certified car owners.

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In addition, the company also launched a self-driving car rental business, and the platform provided car delivery services to homes on December 15, 2021. According to Hello Inc., users can rent a car through its own app by choosing the desired time and place. In addition, users with a Zhima Credit score above 550 points can rent a car without a deposit.

Jiang Tao, Vice President of Hello Inc., said that the company has always been committed to efficiently matching users’ demands with technology, and by providing users with inclusive, green and low-carbon carpooling services.