Hesai Technology Partners With NVIDIA, Providing Lidar For NVIDIA DRIVE Platform

On Thursday, Shanghai-based laser guidance system developer Hesai Technology announced its cooperation with NVIDIA, which will use Hesai’s Pandar128 lidar as the “Ground Truth” sensor for its automated driving development system on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

According to Hesai Technology, the company’s lidar solution will serve as the core equipment of NVIDIA’s automated driving system development platform, providing key object perception and recognition features for automated driving vehicles.

In addition, the lidars will provide an important reference for the program development of every sensing component of this system, and will realize and optimize automated driving recognition. Specifically, Hesai Technology Lidar will be used to accurately mark and train data and construct the surrounding 3D environment.

Gary Hicok, Senior Vice President at NVIDIA, said: “NVIDIA DRIVE is an open and flexible platform, which is specially built to simplify the development process of automated driving system and reduce the cost. Hesai Technology Pandar128 lidar can provide excellent truth-aware performance and seamless integration, which are exactly what customers need.”

Hesai Technology was founded in Shanghai, China in 2014 with a registered capital of 1.096 billion yuan ($172 million) and its legal representative is Li Yifan. The company is mainly engaged in optical, mechanical and electrical integration product technology, instrumentation technology and computer software technology.

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Its customers include automated driving companies, automobile manufacturers and robot companies, covering more than 70 cities in 30 countries and regions around the world. Hesai Technology is 100% owned by Hesai Hong Kong Limited.

On November 16 this year, Hesai Technology announced that it had obtained additional financing of $70 million from Xiaomi. In addition, the total D round financing of Hesai Technology reached $370 million. The leading investors in this round include Xiaomi, GL Ventures, Meituan and CPE.

According to its official website, up to now, Hesai Technology has completed financing totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, and the investors include Bosch, Hillhouse Capital, Xiaomi, Meituan, CPE, Light Speed, Baidu and other world-renowned industrial enterprises and investment institutions.