HeyTea’s First Store in the US Lands on Broadway, Accelerating Its Global Expansion

On December 8th, the new tea beverage brand HeyTea made its debut on the Times Square screen in New York. The HeyTea Broadway store in New York also officially opened for business, marking the official launch of HeyTea’s development in the US market. As the first new tea beverage chain brand to land on Times Square and enter the US market, HeyTea will use Broadway as its first stop to accelerate its pace of development in North America and global markets.

At the same time, following the opening of new markets in the UK, Australia, and Canada this year, HeyTea has once again made a move in the prime location of Broadway in New York, showcasing its ability to expand into global markets.

On December 8th, on the iconic Times Square screen in New York, a version of HeyTea’s ‘Instantaneous Universe’ was showcased. As a cup of HeyTea changed its body color, the HeyTea logo transformed into various styles such as Explosive Hair Ah Xi, Ancient Style Ah Xi, Barbie Ah Xi, and Golden Ah Xi. At the same time, the slogan ‘New-Style Tea’ appeared on the screen. This marked HeyTea’s debut in the American market and officially announced its development in the United States.

At the same time, HeyTea’s first store in the American market, Broadway Store in New York, has officially opened for business. This store is located in the heart of Broadway Avenue in Manhattan’s CBD (Central Business District) in New York City, within a 10-minute walking distance from famous landmarks such as Times Square, Empire State Building, and Madison Square Garden.

HeyTea is located in the core block, surrounded by many boutique restaurants, cafes, and jazz bars, serving as a dining and centralized office location for nearby white-collar workers. As a result, HeyTea has become the first Chinese new tea beverage chain brand to sell products made with genuine high-quality ingredients in the United States.

HeyTea’s Broadway store in New York will mainly offer three series of products: refreshing fruit tea, rich milk tea, and refreshing green tea. These include innovative products such as juicy grape (original), frozen juicy grape (original), Qingmang Mangganlu, roasted brown sugar boba milk (original), and Zhizhi Green Beauty Tea (original). They bring the classic flavors of HeyTea to New Yorkers. At the same time, HeyTea’s beverage prices in the US market range from $3.99 to $7.49 before tax (excluding additional toppings), with an average price of $6.33 before tax, which falls within the mainstream price range for tea beverages in the current US market.

In addition to tea beverage products, HeyTea will also provide New York consumers with a joyful brand experience. In terms of store space design, HeyTea’s Broadway store in New York continues the brand’s standard oriental minimalist design style, featuring a golden logo, wood grain and wall skirt texture, along with modern white walls and counters, collectively creating a bright visual experience. At the same time, above the counter is adorned with decorative installations inspired by Oriental silk.

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Since its establishment in 2012, HeyTea has been rooted in Chinese tea culture and strives to create a new tea beverage brand that is based in China and influences the world. As the first Chinese new tea beverage brand to go global, HeyTea opened its first overseas store in Singapore in 2018, bringing new tea beverages abroad and making them popular in Southeast Asia. Starting from August 2023, HeyTea has successively opened its first local stores in core business districts of various new countries markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc., accelerating its business and brand development overseas.

With the opening of its first store in the core location of Broadway, New York, HeyTea’s business layout in North America and even the global market will accelerate.