Hichain Logistics Partners With Tencent Cloud and Digitforce for Supply Chain SaaS

Hichain Logistics, a Chinese tech industry transportation and warehousing enterprise, announced at noon on Friday that it has signed cooperation agreements with Tencent Cloud and Digitforce, a digital solutions provider for enterprises. The three parties will jointly build the first leading vertical internet Software as a Service (SaaS) service platform in the supply chain field.

According to the announcement, the three parties will also carry out industrial upgrading project cooperation.

Firstly, the three parties will work together to build a SaaS platform for manufacturing supply chains. Tencent Cloud provides Hichain Logistics with basic technology platform technologies, including cloud computing, big data, AI and other basic product components. Digitforce provides technical support for a data management center and smart supply chains.

Secondly, for the top-level design and ecological construction of the whole chain, the three parties will jointly strengthen their cooperation in terms of technology and resources. The chain will initially include cooperation with Tencent Cloud Industrial Base and regional industrial internet platform co-construction and joint operation.

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Thirdly, with Tencent‘s blockchain, NFT and other technologies, Hichain Logistic will build a digital asset management platform.

Overall, the cooperation between these three parties will promote supply chain solution management including transportation, warehousing, customs affairs and international freight forwarding of raw materials, products and spare parts. It will also help to realize resource integration, operation and arrangement, collaboration and data monitoring. The accuracy and work efficiency will be improved, and the company will be transformed into a technology-based and platform-based company.