Honor CEO Zhao Ming Reports Surge in Latin American Market Sales

Zhao Ming, the CEO of Chinese smartphone brand Honor, took to Weibo on Thursday to share news about the company’s expanding presence in Latin America.

Zhao Ming revealed that after a week-long tour encompassing markets in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and other regions, Honor’s local teams have been diligently cultivating these territories, resulting in a remarkable surge in business development. Notably, Honor’s smartphone sales in the Latin American market witnessed a staggering 200% increase last year, a trend that has continued with growth rates exceeding 100% in the first quarter of the current year. This impressive growth can be attributed to the positive reception of Honor’s flagship series, including the Honor Magic V2 and Magic 6 Pro, which have garnered significant acclaim for their innovative features such as the Honor Eagle Eye camera, Anytime Door functionality, immersive screen experience, and impressive battery life.

Emphasizing Honor’s commitment to delivering products of unparalleled quality, Zhao Ming underscored the importance of consistent technological innovation and breakthroughs. He expressed confidence in Honor’s global brand development trajectory, affirming that the company’s dedication to product excellence will undoubtedly lead to continued success in the market.

In response to Zhao Ming’s announcement, Honor’s Chief Marketing Officer Jiang Hairong lauded the achievement, expressing enthusiasm and congratulations to the dedicated team members in Latin America and highlighting the promising future ahead for Honor’s global brand development.

Additionally, the International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released the latest data for the first quarter of 2024 in the Chinese smartphone market. The report revealed that Honor has secured the top position with a significant market share of 17.1%, marking a notable milestone for the company. Following closely behind is Huawei, which has shown signs of recovery, securing the second position. OPPO, Apple, and vivo round out the top five rankings, holding the third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively.

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