Horizon Robotics and Volkswagen Group’s Software Company CARIAD Announce Establishment of Joint Venture

Beijing, China, December 8, 2023 – Horizon Robotics, a leading provider of energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) for consumer vehicles in China, and CARIAD, the automotive software and technology company in Volkswagen Group, today announced the official establishment of the companies’ joint venture. As part of the collaboration agreement announced in 2022, the joint venture named CARIZON, will integrate Horizon’s strong software and hardware integration capability and CARIAD’s experience in vehicle and system integration, to develop cutting-edge and highly optimized full-stack ADAS/AD solutions. CARIZON will focus on developing automated driving solutions powered by Journey series computing solutions, with the mass-production plan on Volkswagen’s BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) models in China.

Headquartered in Beijing, CARIZON plans to recruit over 300 experts by the end of 2023. CARIZON is well positioned to ignite the transformation of mobility to free passengers and drivers to pursue what really matters.

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