Huawei Expects Revenue of $99 Billion in 2021

Guo Ping, the rotating chairman of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, delivered a New Year’s speech for 2022 on Friday, saying: “It is estimated that the company’s sales revenue for 2021 will come in at about 634 billion yuan ($99.474 billion). In this past year, our carrier business remained stable, our enterprise business experienced solid growth, and our device business expanded swiftly into new domains.”

Guo pointed out that in the past year, the company’s global employees have overcome challenges, made every effort to ensure its equipment supply and the safe operation of its network, and fulfilled their commitments to customers.

Looking ahead, the digital economy has become the main engine of global economic growth, while green and low carbon have become the new driving forces of sustainable development. The integration of industry digitalization and green economics will bring about huge development opportunities for the information processing and communication industries. At the same time, the external environment continues to be turbulent, and the ICT industry is facing challenges such as technology politicization and globalization of fragmentation.

The company said that it would not change its ideals and pursuits in response to changes in the external environment. Instead, it will strive to explore the endless frontier of science and technology and open up to cooperate with the world.

Strategically, the firm insists on focusing on fields of ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminals. While maintaining the advantages of being a large platform, it shortens its management chain, quickly meets customers’ needs and creates commercial and social value through the pilot operation of its industrial subsidiaries and internal ‘corps’.

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The company will also build a software ecosystem of digital infrastructure around openEuler and an ecosystem for cross-device environment based on HarmonyOS. The firm adheres to open source and transparency, letting software developers worldwide use, contribute and benefit, and jointly build an intelligent world of the internet of things.