Huawei First Pure Electric Coupe with HarmonyOS 4 to Launch This Quarter

On August 11th, following the first teaser by Richard Yu on August 7th, today Huawei‘s Smart Selection Car’s first all-electric coupe Luxeed made another appearance. Let’s take a look together.

The new car showcased this time offers two paint options: black and white dual-tone and silver gray. The overall appearance is streamlined, with expected impressive performance in terms of aerodynamics. The front face of the new car adopts a concave design, and the styling of the headlamp assembly and grille area is quite dynamic.

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As for the side of the vehicle, the new car adopts a low and sleek posture, matched with larger-sized smoked/black or chrome wheels and red brake calipers, enhancing its sporty attributes. As for the roof, the new car is equipped with a large-sized laser radar.

Richard Yu described this car as having a ‘disruptive design language that brings an extraordinary coupe experience beyond imagination,’ and it will be officially released this quarter. Additionally, this model will also be the first vehicle to feature the HarmonyOS 4-car system.

As for the name of this car, “Luxeed,” Richard Yu mentioned in the Weibo comments that a blogger pointed out it is a combination of Luxury and Exeed (a brand of Chery Automobile). This car is expected to be the first model resulting from Huawei’s collaboration with Chery.