Huawei Hits Back At WSJ Article Claiming Government Cooperation

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei recently responded to reporting from the Wall Street Journal, insisting that Huawei’s relationship with the Chinese Government is no different than other private companies’.

The Wall Street Journal published an article on December 25 under the headline “State Support Helped Fuel Huawei’s Global Rise”, claiming that Huawei received almost $75 billion in preferential subsidies and tax relief, stoking questions as to the firm’s legitimacy as a private enterprise.

Huawei responded sternly, refuting the claims of the Wall Street Journal and maintaining the position that Huawei is 100% a private employee-owned company. In their response, Huawei even threatened legal action against the US publication for selective reporting that defames Huawei. Specifically, Huawei took issue with what they call a “selective comparison” between Huawei and Nokia regarding the assistance they receive from their respective governments.

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Huawei also cited Cisco’s relationship with the US government as hypocritical, following the company’s PRISM incident involving the NSA. Huawei stipulated that the company has access to the same policy support enjoyed by all Chinese high-tech enterprises. The Chinese state media Global Times ran an expectedly scathing article criticizing the Wall Street Journal and supporting Huawei’s line on the issue.