Huawei Launches AI Processor Ascend 910

Huawei Ascend 910 (Source: Huawei)

“We have been making steady progress since we announced our AI strategy in October last year. Everything is moving forward according to plan, from R&D (research and development) to product launch. We promised a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio. And today we delivered,” said Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman.

China’s tech giant Huawei launched its artificial intelligence (AI) processor and a new AI computing framework MindSpore, the company announced on August 23 in its official WeChat post.

Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, announcing the release of the Ascend 910 AI processor (Source: Huawei)

Xu added that the performance of Ascend 910 beat their expectations and it deserved to be called the most powerful AI processor. The company had used the chip to train AI. For example, in the typical network ResNet-50, Ascend 910, along with MindSpore, can train AI models much faster than the current mainstream processors using TensorFlow, an AI framework developed by Google.

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Huawei will continue investing in different scenarios, including edge calculation, autonomous driving on-board calculation and training.