Huawei Launches Home Charger for New Energy Vehicles

This month, Huawei launched a new energy vehicle charger for home users, which supports up to 11kW charging specifications with a price tag of 8,000 yuan ($1,197). Its built-in intelligent platform supports remote control commands, as well as sharing with relatives and friends.

By the end of March 2022, the number of new energy vehicles in China had reached 8.915 million, including 7.245 million pure electric vehicles, showing a rapid growth trend. However, the country’s huge electric vehicle market also brings about charging problems. Although there are commercial high-speed charging stations, many users still install charging piles at home, so as to enjoy power supply anytime and anywhere more flexibly.

The surface of Huawei’s charger’s control box is made of a tempered glass panel, and the company logo is also a working indicator light. The charger is equipped with an emergency stop button, and supports safety protection functions to prevent overcurrent, undervoltage, lightning, and leakage.

The length of the charging line is 7.3 meters, and the charging head, which supports many new energy vehicle models, has a built-in temperature detection function to prevent overheating while charging. In terms of performance, it supports two power specifications: 220V and 380V.

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The charger has a built-in 4G communication module and supports Bluetooth 5.0. A SIM card and four-year traffic are provided for free with the charger. Users can make power supply reservations and software upgrades through the official app.