Huawei Opens Its First Flagship Store in France

Shenzhen-based telecom giant Huawei opened its first flagship store in France on March 5. Located next to the Palais Garnier, the two-story store is divided into a product display section and an office area.

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As a neighbor to several luxury stores, the new Huawei store also adopts a design similar to that of high-end fashion shops, with an elaborate entrance consisting of 86 letter Hs and French windows on both sides to showcase products.

The store is sectioned into a smart office area, a video entertainment area, and a sports and health area, where costumers can have first-hand experience with Huawei’s high-tech products. Professional technical support staff are available to answer any product-related technical issues.

Walter Ji, president of Huawei’s European consumer business group, said that Europe represents the high-end overseas market and is a “strategic high ground” for Huawei, and they will continue to increase their investment in the European market.

Ji said opening Huawei’s first flagship store in France in the heart of Paris will give consumers a full experience of Huawei technologies and products and integrate Huawei’s innovations into local cultural life.

The Chinese telecoms equipment provider is also planning to build a factory in France while France’s cybersecurity agency is screening 5G equipment. Earlier this week, an executive said the company will build a plant in France regardless of the French government’s decision.