Huawei Press Conference Accused of Fraud, Ascend Community Responds

On May 16th, in response to the news that there were suspicions of artificial manipulation of images at a Huawei press conference, the Ascend Community stated: On May 10th, during a technical discussion at the Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference, a demonstration of the mxRAG SDK functionality was presented. The demonstration was aimed at developers and showed how RAG application development could be completed with just over ten lines of code. The on-site images were generated in real-time using an open-source large model. Expressions such as time.sleep(6) in the code indicate commands waiting for external open-source large model-generated images rather than calling up preset images. All demonstrations shown are actual codes and will also be made available on the Ascend Community for developers to use and provide valuable feedback.

There are rumors circulating online that ‘Huawei’s press conference went wrong.’ According to images provided by netizens, during a recent event where Huawei showcased the capabilities of large-scale text and image generation models, the demonstration process included the code ‘time.sleep(6).’ Netizens believe that this code implies ‘artificially controlling the process from input to output for 6 seconds,’ leading some to suspect that the text and image results were not generated by a large model but manipulated manually.

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