Huawei Publishes Patent for Convenient Vehicle Payment

Huawei has previously stated explicitly that it will not make its own cars, but it is still engaged in the field of new energy vehicles and has developed many automotive technology patents. According to Qichacha, a Chinese business information platform, Huawei’s patent for V2X-based vehicle payment method and equipment was published on August 16, with public number “CN114912913A.” This patent can facilitate the completion of vehicle payment.

Huawei has applied for many automotive-related patents previously, including Bluetooth keys that can automatically unlock car doors, vehicle collision probability detection methods, identification methods for objects of user interest, charging piles with high average power, black boxes for smart driving cars, wireless charging that can avoid magnetic field signal interference from adjacent parking spaces, and automatic emergency calls for vehicles.

From a technological perspective, Huawei’s patents in the field of vehicles are mainly related to intelligent driving, electronic control and driving status control.

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In China, Huawei has seen a steady rise in patent applications, topping 10,000 in 2020 and reaching nearly 12,000 in 2021. Meanwhile, according to data released by the European Patent Office, Huawei was the top applicant for patent applications in Europe in both 2019 and 2021. Europe is one of Huawei’s largest overseas markets. The Shenzhen-based firm has established 20 research institutes in Europe, located in Germany, France, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and many other countries, and the number of patent applications produced by Huawei’s European R&D team has been increasing year by year.