Huawei Releases Smart Console Brand: HarmonySpace

On Tuesday, Huawei released its strategy for its new smart console brand, HarmonySpace. Based on HarmonySpace, Huawei is creating several products. One part is the high computing power car module, another is the HarmonyOS car operating system, while others include the immersive HuaweiSound sound system, smart screens, and other display devices.

Huawei unveiled its idea, saying, “S.P.A.C.E represents all the attributes we think a truly intelligent console should be endowed with.” The company explained the abbreviation as follows: “S refers to Safety, P refers to Personalized, A refers to All-Scenario, C refers to Connected, and E refers to Emotion, as a truly sentimental and intelligent console should have emotions and can understand users’ needs in advance.”

With the specialized HarmonyOS vehicle operating system, Huawei has built an intelligent console application ecology that is based on three different aspects. First, for high-frequency use in automobiles, Huawei and its partners have adapted the software to create a boutique of applications featuring HarmonyOS.

Secondly, based on the Huawei 1+8 ecology, the applications of smartphone, tablet and large smarts screens can be connected to the car seamlessly. For Apps used in lower frequency, HarmonyOS car operating system provides smartphone projection capability to meet the needs of users.

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The intelligent and diversified experience of the console is the result of the support of peripheral hardware. Therefore, Huawei, together with many peripheral partners and application partners in the field of vehicle hardware, such as seats, holographic screens and vehicle awning, have discussed requirements and tests together, and are promoting the new technology of console hardware to become more integrated. Since 2021, more than 50 console hardware partners have joined the HarmonyOS vehicle hardware ecosystem and are jointly developing functions, services and innovative experiences that meet the needs of users.