Huawei Reportedly to Hold Product Launch Event on May 23

According to posts by two Chinese digital bloggers on May 14, Huawei’s new product launch event is expected to be held on May 23, during which laptops, office products and IoT items will be released.

According to a tipster named Teme, Huawei will release new laptop, Freebuds Pro 2 and new MatePad this month. In addition, Huawei’s new monitor, which is highly anticipated, will also become available.

Regarding Huawei’s new generation laptops, one blogger said that they will include the MateBook 14, MateBook 13s/14s and MateBook 16, as well as a brand-new product.

Cross-platform utility Geekbench confirmed that the new Huawei device is to be equipped with 12th generation Core H processors, while the memory module is equipped with Intel’s LPDDR4-3733 model with lower frequency.

A blogger with username “Changzhang Shi Guantongxue” noted that Huawei may bring updates to its laptops in May this year, and there are at least six to eight new products that may come at the launch conference, including some equipped with Core 12 processors.

According to the existing information, Huawei’s main products to be revealed at this event are laptops, rather than new smartphones. However, according to blogger “Changzhang Shi Guantongxue,” the Huawei Nova 10 series may officially be unveiled in June. The phone will receive upgrades in terms of its core processor, software and image shooting.

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It was also revealed that Huawei will hold another product launch event in July to introduce its Mate 50 series. The brand-new Harmony OS 3.0 may be applied in the brand-new Mate 50 series.