Huawei Seeks to Build 5G Factory in Europe

According to Xinhua News, Liu Kang, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the European Union, said Thursday in Brussels that the company is looking for a site in Europe to build a factory that produces 5G equipment.

Huawei has had a presence in Europe for 20 years since it invested in a research and development center in Sweden, Liu Kang said. Huawei hopes this initiative will further integrate the company into the European market. Liu Kang revealed that Huawei is currently looking for a site for the plant and already has a number of potential targets.

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Faced with U.S. allegations that its equipment could be used by Chinese authorities for spying, Huawei is shifting its focus to overseas expansion as they dominate a saturated domestic market. The UK government and the European Commission recently released 5G policies, and Huawei is welcomed by both the UK and EU to participate in local 5G construction. Huawei also plans to shift research and development capacity to Canada from the United States, according to the Globe and Mail.