Huawei to Launch P30 Series in March

Huawei will launch its P30 series on March 26 in Paris, according to the company’s senior executive.

“The beauty of all can be appreciated from a distance; it can also be examined from a close range,” posted Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group.

Those words, along with the video, indicate that the P30 series will either highlight a zoom lens or a long focus lens. The video embedded in the post shows extreme close-up shots of several landmarks in Paris. Huawei is very ambitious in innovating new camera phones with the hashtag #RewriteTheRules.

Huawei has decided to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2019, taking the place of Samsung, according to DigiTimes. The company is working on improving its mobile chipset design and aiming to achieve higher self-sufficiency.

huawei p20 pro
huawei p20 pro (Image Source: Huawei)

In July 2018, Huawei surpassed Apple and became the world largest smartphone operator. IHS analyst said that Huawei’s flagship products have more and more advanced functions.

Huawei’s sales volume in 2018 exceeded 200 million, a 30.7 percent growth from that of 2017. Yu said that it’s going to exceed 250 million in 2019 and reach 300 million in 2020.

Featured Image Source: AFP Relaxnews