Huawei Unveils Long-Awaited In-House Developed Harmony OS

Huawei’s highly-anticipated Android alternative, Hongmeng, is finally official.

At today’s Huawei Developer Conference, the Chinese multinational tech giant’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu unveiled “Harmony OS,” a microkernel-based operating system said to be faster, more powerful and safer than Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Yu stated at the conference that when Huawei can no longer access Google’s Android ecosystem, it can deploy Harmony OS “at any time.” But until then, Huawei will continue to support Android.

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“In consideration of our already established ecosystem and partners, Huawei will still prioritize Android. If Android can’t be used in the future, Huawei can migrate to its own Harmony OS at any time. This will ease the workload shouldered by our cooperative developers as well,” said Richard Yu at the conference.

According to Yu, the operating system will be primarily aimed at IoT products such as smart displays, wearables, smart speakers and automobiles instead of smartphones.

Concluding his speech, Yu welcomed developers to join Huawei in developing Harmony OS by saying, “Harmony OS is a next-generation open-source operating system. We highly encourage the participation of global developers in its development.”