Huawei Will Release New Distribution Brand at Its China Partner Conference

On April 21st, during the 20th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS 2023), Huawei further clarified its determination to increase investment in the strategy for small and medium-sized enterprise markets.

In response, Chen Banghua, President of Huawei’s Enterprise BG Business and Distribution Division, stated that Huawei hopes to expand and serve its integrator partners well in order to provide more competitive ICT products and solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise customers. This will enable both Huawei and its integrator partners to grow together.

According to reports, in terms of policy, Huawei will further increase partner incentives while also controlling pricing systems and transaction processes at all levels. They will strengthen punishment for violations and ensure timely action to maintain order in their distribution business.

On the IT platform, the user base and number of online devices for Huawei E-commerce APP have grown, with continuous iteration of functions. For more complex business scenarios such as stocking and inventory management, Huawei has developed a one-stop PC-based operation platform to manage issues such as smuggling.

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This year, Huawei’s newly established six distribution product R&D teams will create products specifically for the distribution business in areas such as digital parks, digital security, optical networks, storage, intelligent collaboration and industry perception.

At the Huawei China Partner Conference held on May 8-9, Huawei will release a new distribution brand, a series of new products and solutions for commercial markets and distribution, as well as an IT platform.

In addition, Huawei Group also issued a statement on April 21st stating: “Recently, there have been rumors online that ‘Meng Wanzhou is going to the United States for business trips’. This is purely a rumor. Meng Wanzhou has not said this nor does she have such an arrangement.”