Huawei’s Global Industry Vision Releases 10 Trends for 2025

On Aug. 8, Huawei‘s Global Industry Vision released a “10 Trends for 2025 report” describing the 10 exciting trends that are shaping the future.

The ten trends outlined in the report include living and working with bots, super sight, zero search, tailored streets, augmented creativity, frictionless communication, symbiotic economy, 5G’s rapid rollout and global digital governance.

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1. Living With Bots

With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and technologies such as 5G and cloud computing, the varieties of robots will prosper and emerge across various industries including nursing robots, bionic robots, social robots, and housekeeping robots and more. GIV predicts that by 2025, retirement homes in G8 nations will have an average of 10 nursing robots and that over 14% of households worldwide will have an intelligent domestic robot at home.

2. Super Sight

The super vision enabled by new technologies such as 5G, AR/VR, and machine learning will help us break through the limitations of space and time, and perceive the world differently. GIV predicts that by 2025, 337 million people and 10% of companies will use VR/AR.

3. Zero Search

Benefiting from artificial intelligence and IoT technology, the smart future will simplify search behavior and search buttons, giving people a more convenient research experience. As outlined int the report, “In the past you find information, and now it’s the information that finds you; in the future, you no longer need to click the button to express your needs.” GIV predicts that by 2025, 90% of people will use personal assistants on their smart devices.

4. Tailored Streets

The intelligent transportation system will integrate pedestrians, drivers, vehicles and roads into a unified and dynamic network, and develop the infrastructure more effectively, shorten the response time for emergencies, and make it possible for zero-congested traffic and virtual emergency lanes.

5. Working with Bots

Precise, tireless, and always available, robots will be taking on more mundane, dangerous and delicate tasks in the workplace, freeing up space for higher-value work. GIV predicts that in 2025, there will be 103 robots working alongside every 10,000 employees in manufacturing.

6. Augmented Creativity

The integration of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies will greatly promote the development of the future innovative society. The cost of trial-and-error innovation will be reduced. Human works will also be enriched due to machine assistance.

7. Frictionless Communication

GIV predicts that by 2025, 100 billion connected devices will be in use and companies will utilize 86% of the data they generate.

8. Symbiotic Economy

GIV predicts that by 2025, all companies will be using cloud technology and 85% of business applications will be cloud-based.

9. 5G’s Rapid Rollout

The commercialization of 5G will further accelerate. It will penetrate into all aspects of life faster than anticipated. GIV predicts that by 2025, 2.8 billion people worldwide will be using 5G, with 65 million 5G base stations giving the next generational network access to 58% of the world’s population.

10. Global Digital Governance

GIV predicts that by 2025, 180 zettabytes (1 zettabyte is equivalent to 1 trillion gigabytes) will be generated each year, a fivefold increase from today.