Huawei’s “Hongmeng” Operating System Is Coming, But not On June 24

On May 26, a poster announcing that Huawei was to launch the “Hongmeng” operating system on June 24 leaked to the internet. Later in the evening, the representatives of the company confirmed that the information was not true and encouraged the media to dispel the rumors.

rumor about Hongmeng operating system
rumor about Hongmeng operating system launching(photo via Weibo)

The so-called “conference poster” spread through social networks. However, whoever posted the picture used the old version of Huawei‘s logo, making the authenticity of the poster doubtful.

According to the China National Intellectual Property Administration website, Huawei had applied for the “Huawei Hongmeng” trademark as early as on August 24, 2018.

The trademark was registered under Category 9 which includes electronic devices, and 42 which focuses on software design and development. Huawei secured exclusive rights for the trademark for the period from May 14, 2019 to May 13, 2029. This was seen as a precursor to the actual launch of Huawei’s self-developed operating system.

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On May 21, Yu Chengdong, head of Huawei’s consumer business, said that Huawei’s operating system will be available soon, either this fall or, the latest, next spring. “It will be fully compatible with Android and Web applications,” said Yu Chengdong.