Hulu Layoffs Exceed 90% in Beijing

On March 29th, informed sources reported that Hulu, the streaming giant owned by Disney, will lay off over 90% of its staff in Beijing.

Beijing is Hulu’s second largest global research and development center, second only to its headquarters. It is also one of the earliest established office locations for Hulu worldwide. Since its establishment in Beijing in 2007, the team has grown from less than 10 people to about 200 employees.

As a giant of American streaming media, Hulu was jointly established by the National Broadcasting Corporation and Fox in 2007. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, USA, and it has a total of eight offices and research centers, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Beijing.

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According to the official website of Hulu, Hulu Beijing mainly includes technology research and development and product teams. However, there are currently no job openings in China on the official Hulu website. It is reported that the severance package for this round of layoffs at Hulu will be N+3.

A person familiar with the matter stated that Hulu has a majority of technical personnel in China, and “recruits with very high standards, with many programmers graduating from Tsinghua University and Beijing University”, “finding a job is definitely not a problem, but being laid off still feels regrettable”.