Hutt Completes Round-A Financing Led by Xiaomi

Chinese media outlet 36Kr reported on Tuesday that cleaning robot maker Hutt has completed round-A financing worth tens of millions of yuan, jointly led by Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital, with Leap Capital serving as the exclusive financial adviser. The fresh funds will be used for market and FAE team expansion, capacity increases and R&D.

Hutt was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Beijing, focusing on providing household vertical surface cleaning solutions. At present, Hutt’s main product is a window cleaning robot, which the firm says has three core selling points: a light and thin body, wet cleaning and speed.

The difficulty of cleaning, dangers in the wiping process and expensive manual services are the main sore points in window cleaning field. For a long time, window cleaning robots have failed to popularize due to problems such as poor user experience or low efficiency. Data show that 80% of house windows cannot be cleaned regularly, while the penetration rate of window cleaning robots in the Chinese market in 2021 was only 0.5%.

In this regard, Hutt pioneered the intelligent frequency conversion and multi-frequency window cleaning technology. The firm’s window cleaning robot can judge the stains on the glass surface through intelligent algorithms according to different conditions, thus it can adjust the suction force to ensure the cleaning effect. Based on the household use scenarios, Hutt has also reduced the body thickness, the thinnest being only 7.5 cm, enabling it to shuttle freely in most anti-theft nets.

Hutt’s annual sales reached several hundred million yuan in 2021, of which overseas markets contributed 65%. The company has fully rolled out on domestic mainstream online channels such as, Tmall and Xiaomi. Taking Xiaomi as an example, Hutt has occupied nearly 95% of the channel share after cooperating with Xiaomi Youpin.

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Sun Meng, head of the Leap Capital project, said: “Compared with other competing products, the core of Hutt lies in its focus on vertical surface cleaning products. The company constantly optimizing products and cleaning experiences from every detail such as frequency conversion technology, storage bags and wiping materials is leading the innovation.”