IDG Capital Invests in Digital Information Management Platform Developer FlowUs

FlowUs, a one-stop digital information management SaaS software, announced on Tuesday that the company has obtained three consecutive rounds of financing worth tens of millions. The investment rounds were led by IDG Capital, Volcanics Venture and In Capital respectively.

Founded in 2021, FlowUs is committed to providing a one-stop digital information management solution for individuals and enterprises. Its products are positioned as a new generation of productivity tools that integrate functions such as documents, multidimensional tables and folders.

The notebook on the platform supports recording graphics, audio, video, web page content, and embedded third-party services such as NetEase Cloud Music and Bilibili. The multi-dimensional table has extensive view types such as Gantt charts, while also integrating online collaboration functions to allow users to freely build personalized and lightweight business management systems.

In addition, FlowUs provides high-quality templates, cross-platform synchronous editing functions, file import and export functions, and many other useful business functions.

Wang Zhaofei, founder and CEO of FlowUs, spoke about the company’s efforts to simplify doing business, saying that “The new generation of productivity tools should enable users to build workbenches that meet their own needs and create workflows that conform to their thinking habits. At the same time, it should be able to aggregate all information and organize, connect and change this information in the way users want.”

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After the completion of this round of financing, FlowUs will pay more attention to product optimization and development of its core functionality while also extending its products and services to enterprise customers.