Idlefish Speeds Secondhand Sales: Users Allowed ‘Dispatch Upon Receiving Money’

Idlefish is teaming with 50 organizations, including CACE (China Association of Circular Economy), Igooma, Youdemai, Aihuishou, Huishoubao, Yxianypin, Yueren, Souche, Zhima Credit and Ant Forest, in a movement toward an “idle-free society.”

“Idle-free society is a green consumption lifestyle that enables maximum usage of social resources, as well as achieves balanced development,” said Idlefish’s General Manager Chen Weiye. Idlefish will collaborate with other Eco-partners in an effort to establish industry standards and a value chain of idle assets, promoting the maximum usage of social resources, he said.

Beijing Environment Exchange said Idlefish has helped reduce about 100 million kilograms of carbon emissions over the last three years by transferring and recycling computers, communication devices and consumer electronics, which accounted for 10 percent of all transactions on Idlefish. Measured with Ant Forest’s metric of 17.9 kilograms of carbon per saxaul tree, this amount equals the carbon saving of 5 million saxauls.

“Idlefish promotes sharing, which is a key function of green lifestyles,” Chen said. In an idle-free society, people have more open-minded and diverse views on the definition of “new,” ”old” and “idle”. The key is a mentality of passing along things that may still be useful to others, he said.

On the same day, Idlefish announced the official launch of its Credit Speedy Sell Service – users with more than 600 points on Zhima Credit are allowed “dispatch upon receiving money.” Tens of other professional recycling organizations like Huishoubao, Igooma and Youdemai will be plugged in.

Usually online recycling goes through the five stages of estimation, dispatch, check, final offer and transaction. Idlefish gives a reasonable estimation online based on more than 10 aspects. If the user has a Zhima Credit point of more than 600, he or she will be able to receive direct payments of up to 2,000 yuan.

This way, payments are made before dispatch. It takes less than one minute from estimation to payment. Irrespective of the size of the item, the full courier process will the receiver’s responsibility.

Since the estimation system is relatively standardized, most prices are consistent with the final offer. In the case of an inconsistency, users can choose to refund or charge more, or to cancel the transaction.

Idlefish said they are looking to establish an industry standard and value chain in collaboration with other partners. In the future, all stages of secondhand good transactions, from publication to estimation and recycling, will be manageable with regulated criteria.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.