Inceptio Technology Completes First Driverless Road Test of L4 Heavy-Duty Truck

Recently, autonomous driving startup Inceptio Technology announced that it had completed its first driverless road test of an L4 heavy-duty truck. The L4 model is equipped with Inceptio’s L3 autonomous driving capability and proved able to navigate complex road and traffic situations without any intervention as it made its way along a 24 kilometer closed section of a highway.

The test took place in Laiwu, Shandong Province, and involved typical highway scenarios, including such as up and down ramps with various gradients, large curvatures, long tunnels, bridges, highway ramps and toll stations. A large number of vehicles were employed in the test for a simulation of real traffic flow.

Throughout the test, the vehicle smoothly completed the road test without any intervention, and handled well typical scenarios such as following the flow of traffic, changing lanes, identifying and avoiding construction vehicles and cone buckets, avoiding other vehicles in the lane, alternating between following and stopping automatically, and pulling into a toll booth.

The L4 self-driving heavy truck for this fully unmanned test carried the same all-redundant wire-controlled chassis, high-calculus computing platform and core algorithm software from the mass-production model. Meanwhile, this vehicle had an appropriately enlarged LiDAR system and more computing power.

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Yang Ruigang, CTO of Inceptio, said, “The mass-produced smart trucks fitted with the Inceptio Xuanyuan system are being delivered to customers right now. They create business value for customers and are also gradually developing a closed loop of massive real data that supports the rapid iteration and upgrade to L4 technology.”