Industrial Robot Firm Rokae Bags $63M in Strategic Financing

Beijing-based robotics firm Rokae has recently obtained strategic financing of 400 million yuan ($63.16 million), according to Chinese media outlet 36Kr. The investor in this round is New Hope Group, an agribusiness company. Founded in 2015, Rokae’s products are mainly high-performance industrial robots and flexible cooperative robots.

In the field of automobile parts, Rokae has previously served Valeo, Schaeffler and other well-known top tier manufacturers in the global auto industry.

Rokae’s flexible cooperative robot has been commercialized since the end of 2020, and has now started mass production for delivery to the industrial and medical fields. Rokae’s new generation of flexible cooperative robots has accurate perception and force control abilities, along with high precision and safety.

Relying on these flexible cooperative robot products, Rokae can provide users in the automobile and 3C fields with services that meet high requirements for refinement, such as installing chips with mechanical arms. For clients in the medical field, the company’s flexible cooperative robot has realized joint replacement surgery application, teleoperation and remote ultrasound applications. It has reached cooperation with more than 20 leading medical enterprises that develop surgical robots.

In addition, Rokae began to explore the coffee and retail industries, providing services such as latte art, ice cream and milk tea making with robots.

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Rokae is headquartered in Beijing and has built an innovative intelligent manufacturing industrial park with an annual production capacity of over 50,000 units in Shandong. It has established R&D centers in Beijing, Wuhan and Shandong in China, as well as one in Tokyo, Japan.

The investor in this round of financing, New Hope Group, is one of the largest comprehensive suppliers of meat, eggs and milk in China. Since 2019, New Hope Group has begun to pay attention to automation and robotics, conducting significant research in these fields. In 2020, the group invested in Agile Robots and Flexiv. This year, New Hope Group began to invest heavily in Rokae.