Industrial Software Firm Semi Tech Bags $80M in Financing

Semi Tech announced on Wednesday that it has recently completed A++ and B rounds of financing with a total amount of 540 million yuan ($80.6 million). The investors include China Internet Investment Fund, BYD, Inno Chip, GL Ventures, Shanghai STVC Group, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Fund and Skyview Fund. The firm’s management jointly increased capital by 200 million yuan.

Semi Tech focuses on accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing in China. Funds from this round of financing will be used to build self-developed fully automatic manufacturing software solutions. At the same time, it will select teams to complete mergers and acquisitions, improve products and expand regional market layout.

The firm divides systems into three categories. The production management series based on MES (manufacturing execution system) includes EAP (equipment automation program), RMS (recipe management system), RTD (real-time dispatch), APC (advanced process control) and FDC (fault detection and classification). The second category, quality management, covers SPC (statistical process control) and YMS (yield management solution). The third category, logistics management, includes WMS (warehouse management system) and mobile.

Over 90% of the intelligent manufacturing software adopted by domestic 8/12-inch wafer factories are provided by foreign suppliers. The investment of a fab is usually tens of billion yuan, and the requirements for supporting systems are very strict. Due to high technical barriers of manufacturing software, as well as the development of domestic industrial software having started late, many enterprises that want to choose domestic software worry.

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Semi Tech is the first supplier in China to provide a complete set of intelligent manufacturing software solutions to meet the full automation production of 12-inch wafers. Its self-developed CIM system platform has been successfully adopted by domestic 8/12-inch wafer production plants.

Headquartered in Shanghai, it has set up subsidiaries and R&D centers in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Chengdu. It also set up subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia to expand international business and realize local delivery. The company has 450 employees, of which 80% are technicians.